Desirable Carbide Create additions (suggestions)

(Nick) #1

I know there have been dozens of good suggestions for carbide create already, and that it takes an enormous ammount of time and effort to add them, but I figure I might as well add to the overflowing plate.

I photoshopped in a few of my ideas here, in case my words fail me.

1: An option to/not to display tool paths when in the “toolpaths” tab. (left)
-If you have a bunch of toolpaths, the program becomes very slow. But when you go to the “design” tab and the paths don’t show, it runs fast. This is why I think turning off the display would work to fix this issue.
-Toolpaths can make it hard to see your design. This can make it hard to select the line you want to assign the next toolpath to.

2: Move operation all the way to the top or bottom. (right)
-If you have a ton of operations and then realize you would like to add one neat the top, its rather annoying to click “Move Operation Up” twenty times. Honestly this one doesn’t matter all that much, but it would be nice.

3: “Are you sure you want to exit?” (not in image)
-I’m in the habit now of saving after each little thing I change because I have previously closed the program on accident and lost tons of work.

(Daniel Loughmiller) #2

I see your checkbox and raise you a photoshop inspired group feature with the ability to both enable/disable a group, but also toggle the visibility of a group or toolpath.

(Edward Ford) #3

Hey All - I wanted to reply here and say that I saw this thread and it has been noted.

These are good suggestions and very inline with future planned features!


(Jim Amos) #5

This feature is DEFINITELY needed… along the same UX/Usability spirit, quickly summarizing tool path settings in tabular form or via flyover hint hooks vs. having to individually drill down into EACH toolpath to double check toolpath settings would be a quantum leap forward.

(Daniel Loughmiller) #6

Instancing would be nice too (obviously). I’m sure there’s a better term but being able to say 'this is job X, perform job X here, here, here, oh and over here". Editing Job X would edit the instances. Edward it’s been noticed I think by all of us that CC has been making huge improvements (with a stumble or two) especially since you decided to throw yourselves into the world of free software without hardware limits. Look forward to seeing what comes next.

Of course it’s going to turn into how Apple conferences work, if each release doesn’t manage to change the world we’re going to start being upset :slight_smile: