Disable spindle for drag bits

(Byrne Pedit) #1

How does one disable the spindle for using drag bits on the Nomad. I’m using CC to create the gcode, it doesn’t accept zero for spindle speed.

I’ve located a couple topics relating to this but they don’t answer in a definitive manner.One alludes to: “So I suppose the thing to do is edit out any M3 or M4 commands in the g-code”. Another states: “You could also add an M5 command, after the M3, to turn the spindle off. However, deleting the M3 command is probably the best approach.”

So, no-can-do in CC? One must edit the code after hunting down the toolpath using the drag bit?

(William Adams) #2

Correct. Carbide Create assumes traditional spindle usage — you’ll need to edit the G-Code, see: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/G-Code

(Byrne Pedit) #3

Tested and done! Thanks.

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