For Sale: Nomad 883 (Orange County CA)

(Alex Evangelou) #1

Love the nomad, but my project went south and I live in an apartment so I don’t really have room to keep it unfortunately. It’s in great condition, barely used.

Comes with Flip Jig, various accessories, and a box full of end mills of various sizes (Over 100)

Asking $2000 firm. Local pick up only unless you’re willing to pay for shipping. Message me for pictures!

(Seth) #2

I would be very interested in seeing pictures of the machine and the accessories. Is it the 883 Pro or a previous model? If it is not the latest Pro model are there any significant changes between the model you have and the current Pro?

(Luke) #3

I believe the pro is ball screw driven. I don’t know which version this one is. Both great machines.

(Seth) #4

Oh so the previous model was not? Hmm I really would want ball screw driven vs belt driven.

(Alex Evangelou) #5

This is the pro model. Here are some images of the machine and what comes with.

(Chris Paul) #7

Still available? Interested and in Orange County.


(Alex Evangelou) #8

Hi Chris! Yes this is still available. Please dm me if interested!

(Chris Paul) #9

Either I’m dumb or I don’t have access to messages yet. Registered today just to reply to this thread.

(William Adams) #10

I’ve upgraded your account so that you should be able to send PMs.

(Joshua Nibecker) #11

Hey Chris, is the Nomad still available. If so, what materials do you generally cut with it and how many hours of runtime would you estimate are on the machine. Many thanks!

I can’t seem to send PMs yet.

(system) #12

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