For Sale: Nomad 883 (Orange County CA)

(Alex Evangelou) #1

Love the nomad, but my project went south and I live in an apartment so I don’t really have room to keep it unfortunately. It’s in great condition, barely used.

Comes with Flip Jig, various accessories, and a box full of end mills of various sizes (Over 100)

Asking $2000 firm. Local pick up only unless you’re willing to pay for shipping. Message me for pictures!

(Seth) #2

I would be very interested in seeing pictures of the machine and the accessories. Is it the 883 Pro or a previous model? If it is not the latest Pro model are there any significant changes between the model you have and the current Pro?

(Luke) #3

I believe the pro is ball screw driven. I don’t know which version this one is. Both great machines.

(Seth) #4

Oh so the previous model was not? Hmm I really would want ball screw driven vs belt driven.

(Alex Evangelou) #5

This is the pro model. Here are some images of the machine and what comes with.