FOR SALE: Shapeoko 3 XXL with JTECH Laser - SOCAL

(Ryan) #1

I’m selling this for $1400.00 with everything listed below.

  • Shapeoko 3 XXL - $1928.00 ($1730.00 w/ Dewalt Router + Sales tax + Shipping)
  • Suckit Dust Boot with 2" brush - $105.00
  • Dust Deputy Full Kit - $105.00
  • Extra Vacuum Hosing used as extensions (not pictured) - $20.00
  • 80/20 Aluminum Enclosure - $900.00
  • Dewalt Stands - $110.00
  • JTech 3.8W Laser kit with safety glasses and acrylic shield - $538.00

I have receipts of all items that are included with this deal. I will also include the the mounting rales in the picture.

I barely get to use this machine (around 5 hours worth of usage) and my wife and I are will be moving soon and I can’t take it with me.

Will not part with any of the items above and can only sell locally in Southern California. The machine is located in Pasadena.

(Lloyd Morris) #2

Where are you located?

(Ryan) #3


Will update the original post to include this.


If it’s still for sale, we have a deal ! I was looking for this model
I’m close to Pasadena

(Ryan) #5

@dajaab Just saw your email, sending you a response!

(bill) #6


I’d like to know if this has sold. I also sent you an email. I am local.

(bill) #7

ok I assume it’s sold no response from you.

(system) #8

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