GBRL commands for setting zero?

(Franzi Khiabani) #1

Is there an easy way to set my last known zero through MDI commands? I am aware of the rapid command menu with the current offset button but sometimes I need to restart Carbide Motion which seems to wipe the offsets from memory. In other words if I know my last zero was X-500 and Y-400, is there a way I can just punch that into MDI to have the machine jog to that location so I can set my zero?

(Daniel Loughmiller) #2

It should still remember your last zero. What happens if you restart CM, home the machine (if you have homing, otherwise this won’t work as well) and ask it to rapid position to the last location?

(ray) #3

G0 x500y400 OR G1 x500y400 f100
G0 is a RAPID command so be warned
that being said Dan is right about CM remembering last location.

(William Adams) #4

If I understand things correctly, the way this works is Carbide Motion uses G54 to store the offset from machine origin / the current zero — probably you could check the log to see the commands which are sent, but I suspect that even once one had the commands, CM wouldn’t allow you to send them directly (w/o using the slash (backslash?) to send directly).