Global editing with Carbide Create?

(Randy Hill) #1

Is it possible to Global edit multiple diameters within Carbide Create program?
I need smaller diameters threaded inserts form XXL wasteboard grid.

Thank you in advance.


(Daniel Loughmiller) #2

You mean like selecting a lot of circles and reducing all their diameters? I don’t think you can unfortunately. I still use illustrator for most of my editing and then import into CC for reasons like that. CC is great for basic layouts but other vector programs have been around a lot longer.

(Randy Hill) #3

Yes, thats a lot of circles. I,ll try illustrator. Thanks

(Daniel Loughmiller) #4

Even if Illustrator won’t let you edit all the diameters, by setting up guides you could quickly create a whole new field of circles, at least more easily than in CC

(Randy Hill) #5

Thank you.
I will just write a new program. If i could just read the G code and edit it.

(William Adams) #6

Everything which you need to understand and create G-code ought to be here:

(Randy Hill) #7

Thank you.
I work with G codes everyday, its the new software I need learn.
Software to read G code text, edit and put back into CC.

(William Adams) #8

Carbide Create isn’t intended to make human readable G-code — one can get it out, as documented in the manual:

(Randy Hill) #9

Thank you both, for all your help.

My new XXL should be here today.