GRBL 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4

(George McBay) #181

Hi Jim,

I managed to find some of your old threads here and on My problem seems like it is the same as you experienced, the grbl0.9 install works fine but the bootloader seems to be non-operational for some reason, maybe at some point they were sending out v2.2s with broken or non-existent bootloaders.

Are you just using a standard Arduino bootloader, or is there a custom one required for the shapeoko boards? Any hints/tips/links that might be useful in replicating what you did on my system? I’m a software developer and have experience with embedded systems (ARM/freescale, primarily) but not a lot of Arduino experience (and what little I’ve done with Arduino was years ago), so I don’t need a ton of micro-handholding but any info that can jumpstart me on the right path would be much appreciated.

(Jim Amos) #182

I’m glad that there’s some benefit from all my breadcrumbs. I know I’ve been frustrated with getting to information that should just be Shapeoko 101 related, and you’re post and experience seems to be exactly what I had gone through with my v2.2 controller.

I documented most of the process here including the bootloader reference… hope that gets you going:

As an aside, Carbide Motion v4 and GRBL v1.1 are non-starters for me, not until C3D gets some of the simple-to-add keyboard hooks restored from v3 AND they put in some touch plate configurations. I hope it’s something that can be part of v4.09 (if the propeller heads are reading this).

(Miguel Castillo) #183

I had same problem and I discovered that holding the x axis limit switch allowed to reflash the gbrl. Lately I discovered that the z and x axis limit switchs were swapped.

(mikep) #184

I see some of them are working via the web interface. X, Y (arrow keys) work for sure. Which ones in particular do you need, I can check to see what is or isn’t working.

(Jim Amos) #185

Mike -

@RichCournoyer has indulged me here to confirm v4.08 jogging:

Arrow keys: Left = +X. Right = -X. Up = +Y, Down = -Y
Comma and Period (Or as I see it, Less than Arrow and Greater than Arrow) = -Z, +Z

Unfortunately the wireless 10-key everyone has purchased has no comma, and likewise the jogging speed (1-5) was also deprecated. Since v4.08 only supports the C3D probe (without additional fuss using offsets), jogging and touching-off your mill is kinda important.

New build error in CM
(mikep) #186

It’s not clear what you want here, what keys -do- you want to work for Z jog? .+? If you want it, ask ( The more people that ask, the more likely it is to get added. If it only gets mentioned here on the forum, it doesn’t have the same weight as a direct ask.

What exactly makes you think 4.08 doesn’t work with a regular probe? It’s plain old GRBL - if GRBL does it, CM doesn’t “turn off” that functionality. You likely can’t use it with the fancy probe functions in CM4, but I suspect it will work in the same methods you use today.

(Jim Amos) #187

Mike -

Excellent suggestion for keys… I’ll email them (and everyone should email too that’s a 10-key user). Specifically, it’s PgUp/PgDn for Z jog motion and numeric 1 through 5 for jog speed.

Probing works in v4.08, but the probe dimensions are embedded and not surfaced for the user, so if you use a probe that’s of dissimilar dimension to the C3D probe, you don’t get zero… Can you hack around it, sure if you want to manually enter offsets, but that’s too fiddly IMHO.

(mikep) #188

Ok, so you don’t actually want a normal GRBL compatible probe…you want to be able to build/buy a probe from somewhere else to interface with the CM4 fancy probe stuff.

(Jim Amos) #189

I guess “normal” is relative in context… I have a Triquetra which is what I’d define normal, and while probing would technically work, zeroing would not.

(Jim Amos) #190

I emailed

I would like to encourage everyone else who has held off upgrading to v4 due primarily to the loss of support for your Bluetooth 10-key to do the same.

Here’s what I sent, and feel free to directly copy or echo any or all of what I wrote:

Hello C3D -

I’ve been a Shapeoko XXL user for over a year now and I love my machine. The release of Carbide Motion v4 with GRBL v1.1 was exciting when first announced, but I’ve not upgraded for several reasons, most specifically the deprecation of the Carbide Motion v3 key support for jogging and jogging step control.

_Many v3 users like me have small 10-key Bluetooth keypads which are invaluable for zeroing the machine. While v4 X/Y jogging works with the 10-key, we can’t jog the Z axis. This was done in v3 with the PgUp/PgDn keys. Likewise the jog step select via numeric keys 1 thru 5 was deprecated in v4. _

Both of these operations are hugely important and integrated into our workflows, and without the 10-key operations, Carbide Motion v4 is a non-starter for me and many other users

In addition I’d also like to see touch probe support for non-Carbide 3D touch plates by “surfacing” the dimensional settings for user configuration, thus allowing a probe zeroing operation to net a true zero when a probe operation is complete.

Please consider re-enabling the 10-key support and the support for alternative touch probes for your next v4 Carbide Motion release.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Jim Amos

(Andrew Pell) #191

Anyone looking for a way to get Z-Axis movement working on their 10 key might look here. I don’t have one to test, but this custom driver will intercept input from a specific hardware device and remap it based on how you set it up. It goes by hardware info so it won’t mess up your other keyboard.

Discussion on setup and website for the driver:

GitHub for download:

(Jim Amos) #192

Thanks @shelbycharged

I have it on good first hand authority that all 10-key operations were restored in the latest v4.09 Carbide Motion release. Kudos to the Carbide team for getting this operation restored. I plan on migrating when I can carve some time.

If the next release includes custom probe offset dimensions, I’ll be in tall cotton…

(John) #193

pls help - Before up grade to CM4 I never had any problem.
My SO3 XXL with homing swithced installed was working fine, it never complain on anything, I added Jtech laser, I also have to use GRBL Universal Code Sender 1.1 for my Jtech laser to work. I also upgraded to CM4 latest version.

My job stop after a few minutes of cutting and stop, CM4 console said “Error xx lost connection to com port.” This is profile cut so it cutted the outside go counter-clockwise - The strange thing is: When I cut an 3-3/4 inch hole, and 5 others which are 7/16" diam holes. It cutted to completion without any problem. This is so strange, I notice the outside profile cut has more lines of codes but not much. WillAdam pls tell me what do I need to do. Is this If you need to roll back to Grbl 0.9: what I need to do??? Will my laser work after rollback??? Is there a link and instruction how to re-flash for my SO3 XXL

(William Adams) #194

To roll back to 0.9 see:

(John) #195

Hello Will
Sorry for not understanding what I need to do. I need to roll back.
What do I do when I click on the 1st link???
What do I do when I click on this link ???

I did managed to download the HEX file to my PC
pls tell me how to roll back so I can work.
Do I need to download grbl v0.9 ??? where do I download it??? what built???

(Noelle Munoz) #196

so if I want to use the old version I have to go through all these steps listed?

(Noelle Munoz) #197

and if I update instead is it still risky? I didn’t realize i needed to and I got an error in carbide motion saying GRBL error: GRBL versions before 1.1 are not supported

(William Adams) #198

Please go to the link:

forum post on reverting to Grbl 0.9

and follow those instructions.

(William Adams) #199


Updating works well for most folks — I haven’t been told that it’s good to go for everyone, and it hasn’t formally been released. Please keep an eye on the blog for announcements about this.

(Steve Pisac) #275

Sorry, I’m ignorant Will but your first item re-flash is done how? Im trying to get back to .9 firmware