GRBL 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4

(William Adams) #276

Please see:

(Steve Pisac) #277

on your sixth bullet item:
Once you do that, open a log in Carbide Motion (in the settings screen)
what version are you referring to V4 or V3.

(William Adams) #278

Use the one appropriate to the version of Grbl just installed:

  • Grbl 0.9: CM3
  • Grbl 1.1: CM4

(Steve Pisac) #279

If I use the uploaded and select the hex file in the drop box listed first will I be back at .9? Or maybe more simply is the first hex file link grbl .9?

(William Adams) #280

Grbl 0.9 is available from:

Grbl 1.1 is at:

(Steve Pisac) #281

Thanks!!! Thanks!!!

(Steve Pisac) #282

So I connected to the shapeoko controller via usb / printer cable and opened the uploader put the settings as you mentioned atmega328 etc selected the the hex file to upload but I still show grbl 1.1 when open CM3 or 4. Shouldn’t it say .9?

(William Adams) #283

If flashing were successful, yes.

Usually reflashing works. If it doesn’t, there are a bunch of possible causes — saw your ticket in the support queue and we’ll get this sorted out as quickly as we can.

FWIW, my understanding is the developer of Grbl recommends reflashing by using the Arduino IDE and recompiling.