Hardcore Aluminum milling on an S3

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Yeah, the controller part has already been investigated and solution found. :smile:

Going with g2core (the official successor to TinyG) for software, running on an Arduino Due with a custom made stepper board. The custom made stepper board wasn’t actually all that hard, once I figured out the right approach. Doesn’t need anything super special, as it’s not a “production run”. Instead, just manually soldering the right bits onto perfboard works fine. Tested already. :slight_smile:

Fusion 360 already generates 3 axis stuff for g2core (using the “TinyG” post), and in my initial testing to add 4th and 5th axis capability to the output, that’s been pretty easy too. The post processor parts for Fusion 360 are mostly just a bunch of toggleable options in javascript (Fusion 360 posts are javascript), so copying the right bits from Tormach/HAAS/etc posts has worked fine.

I need to circle back and get the mechanical bits sorted next, to get a full end-to-end iteration working. But, some stuff has come up so it’s been delayed. :frowning:

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Not that’s what I like to hear! I would definitely be interested in 4th…or 5th axis if it wasn’t crazy complicated. Im a Fabricator not a computer wiz lol

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Never cutting trim plates by hand again = Priceless! Also need to experiment more with v carving


You are making me jealous. I could come up with the money, but not the space, for an S3. But if I had the space, I would find a way (some way, any way) to come up with the money for at least a small tormach, if not a second hand Haas or Hurco. (yes I know they are more space, as well as more money, but I can dream…)

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Why am I making you jealous? Whatever I can do anyone can as well on an S3! The great thing is the potential the things have in such a small footprint.

The desire for something stronger is something I’m sure we all share. But personally im not at a level where I feel im even taking advantage and using it 100% yet. Being able to be afford being self taught and being a part of a great little community is also an awesome perk.

When I’m better than the machine it only means the machine needs upgrades :wink:

P.s. when you are the underdog you gotta work harder, but you usually learn more, become better. Some of my best years being a Fabricator was when I lived in Puerto Rico building mostly Gtrs making 1-2000hp. Becoming trapped on a 35x100 mile Caribbean island forces you to become creative. Just like a machine like this forces you to be creative.

Designing tonight a couple parts to be machined out of 0.625 1018 cold rolled steel. I dont want a better machine, I want to become a better machinist.

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Following this thread for awhile and really love your work and attitude!

Also just spent an hour on your Instagram page…i will go back for notes on feeds and speeds and inspiration!

I really want to quit my job and spend all of my working hours in my garage.



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I’m glad you enjoy the content, sometimes I think about how this is my life now and just laugh. Definitely not in a bad way.

Everyone should follow their passion but be smart about it. Make sure you have a way to pay for that garage! Lol

Then again…No risk, no reward

On a side note, new apt is going up pretty good. Its right above the cnc room in the new shop. Full shower as well hooked up to the rain water tanks.

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Carbide create VS Fusion 360, testing cam and square end finishing

I’ll start a new thread on these when steel and new carbides come in!

(Csaba Horváth) #52

The surface finish is just amazing! What is your recipe?

(Vince) #53

@minehunter A sharp cutter and lots Of rpm, haha. This is actually my cheapest cutter, single flute 0.250 hss and my machine is nowhere near perfect.

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Got pretty close but need to take the z apart for that last few thousandths and dirty old wheels need replacing. This s3 will be machining the bolt on fixture plate for steel and Mitee Bites while I tram and do surface testing on the new S3 with HDZ

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Because the last pic was boring


Well, now you’re just showing off…

Keep it up :slight_smile:

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The viper was my first 3d aluminum project, think I ran close to 250 separate programs start to finish. The lower tanks are two piece so they could have a curved divider.

So much excitement and learning! So many mistakes and hard lessons. Something about being inbetween a rock and a hard place that’s fun.

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Low profile plate fixture is good to go for steel and mitee bites! 4am calling it a night

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Took a little time to make some fixture plates and dial everything in a little more. Still tons of room for improvement but due to some of my tolerances needed its not worth the time right now.

edit almost hit 4000 sfm, carbides show no sign of danger despite the obvious abuse. Running air sprayer and air mist at the same time. You couldn’t stand within 120 degrees of the router without incurring shrapnel wounds

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Cool little “debris containment shield” I whipped up to keep chips at bay. Top ring will have set screw, and magnets hold it all together for easy, no tool use. Drawn and cut with Carbide Create/Motion.

Also just got in a special 30lb order of aluminum! Stay tuned!!

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30lbs of 6061 that will turn into two sub 2lb parts. Custom mitey bite fixtures will be made and the new S3 with HDZ will be used. Pretty excited about these, they will be the largest blocks ive done yet @ 3x4x12.

(Vince) #62

Can’t wait to cut these custom seat brackets out!

(H) #63

Loving the work! What kind of depths can you cut on the S3 in a single pass on aluminium?