How to set zero with v-cutter?

(Stephen Gullage) #1

This might seem like a silly question, but are the v-cutter’s zeroed the same way as other endmills? I can’t seem to get any kind of precision to depth with a v-cutter. Trying to use a 90 degree bit to cut a 3/4 inch board for a mitre. Draw a 3/4" wide box and tell it to v-cut it, should go to 3/4", shouldn’t it?

(mikep) #2

Yes, same way. They can be a lot more finicky if you are a little sloppy with it though. What method are you using? Is the angle set properly (depending on the CAM software, either 1/2 the angle, or the whole angle)? Did you measure the thickness of your material? “3/4” material is rarely actually 3/4" thick as well.

(Stephen Gullage) #3

Right now I’m just using a post-it note to set my Z, and the wood is 0.748" thick… but I’m still not cutting through.

(Stephen Gullage) #4

So I figured out what was happening… I had the bit in too far into the router. The cnc was bottoming out, which is why it wasn’t going to the full depth.

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