How to vcarve stars

(Tom Driggers) #1

I am trying to set a v carve for stars I am trying to do for a flag project. Any suggestions on settings? I keep trying to add a vee bit to the library but it keep saving as an end mill. to get a sharp point and deeper cut in the middle, are there specific settings I need to do. Looking at doing a 1.1" star x 50.

thanks in advance!!!

(William Adams) #2

There’s a video:

adding a tool…is explained clearly in this video beginning at the 2:00 point

Or see:

To do the inlay:

  • cut the field w/ 50 V-carves
  • cut out 50 stars using a V-bit set to follow path / no offset (doesn’t preview but should cut properly)

See attached

stars.c2d (12.1 KB)

(Tom Driggers) #3

Thanks Will! I will give it a try. Looking forward to trying out the new SW update too.

thanks again!