I am selling my XXL

(jake salcedo) #1

Im wondering if there is a taker out there as i lost my interest in continuing this hobby. $2000 shipped to you. Literally new as i only used it to test just few cuts. Maybe max 30mins total nax time…machine is in canada.

(craig neal carroll) #2

what killed your interest in your shapeoko3 xxl because i was reading your beginner posts and you seamed very exited.

(jake salcedo) #3

Time and work. Lately my family demanded time. So I have to give something.

(Darren Wolfe) #4

Where are you located in canada?

(jake salcedo) #5

Halifax nova Scotia. Are you in Canada too?

(Darren Wolfe) #6

Ya but I’m in sherwood park alberta, outside edmonton. Was hoping for closer to my area. What comes with what you are selling

(jake salcedo) #7

Text me at my cell 9024015680.

(jake salcedo) #8

I can ship it you for free. Purolator in a pallet. Basically its the same package when youll order it direct from Carbide 3d which it where i bought it. You’re saving at least $750.

(system) #9

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