I made a shelf.... CNC overkill

(Luke) #1

Not the most interesting, or by far the most complex project anyone has done, but it is practical…

A shelf to go above my coffee machine to hold my expresso mugs…

Stained with black metal paint.

A touch probe function in CM would have really helped… ;D

(Jim Amos) #2

Great project, and you get extra kudos as I’m an espresso guy too… indeed, touch-probing in the CM workflow (and number pad jogging) would be glorious.

(Scott Conant) #3

It says “Coffee” you can’t get any better than that! :wink:

Good job! Looks great, that’s the important part…

(Luke) #4

Why thank you

It also hasn’t fallen off the wall yet :smiley:

I’m slowly going through my offcut pile making useful ‘round the house’ things…

(Dan Nelson) #5

This is pretty cool :sunglasses:. Me thinks I need one!

Dan (avid coffee consumer)

(Bill Johnes) #6

Some of my most simplest projects have been to solve a problem. They have been the most gratifying.

(Scott Conant) #7

Necessity is mother of invention :wink: My creative skills are far less than what I’d like, so yeah…problem solving is more in tune with what I make too.