Importing an image - cannot move it

(Randy L Grolemund Jr) #1

Good morning,

I’m 2 days in to using Carbide Create, and the XXL CNC machine. I’m having a heck of a time getting an image to line up on the work space. Whenever I import - whether it’s a vector file, or a background image, it’s always HUGE on the screen, and not where I want it. I simply cannot seem to move the image so it’s centered on the work space. I’m tried using the scale… but after it’s scaled, it won’t move.

Anyone have some pro tips? Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

(William Adams) #2

Pixel images can’t be moved, only scaled — set it up in a pixel image so that what you want to draw is where you’ll want it, then import that.

Scaling is noted at:

For large images, hit reset view, select everything, then scale down as needed — I suggest putting a surrounding rectangle of a known size around everything and then including that in the selection to ensure one gets to the right size.

(Randy L Grolemund Jr) #3

I am also trying to import an SVG… same issue.

(William Adams) #4

As noted, the solution is to put a box around things, then select everything and scale and set the center as desired or drag to the desired origin.

(Randy L Grolemund Jr) #5

Thank you, I see how to get the background image working… kinda cheesy that it cannot be moved around. I cannot seem to get an SVG to move around either… I guess I have a lot of reading/learning to do. :slight_smile:

(Randy L Grolemund Jr) #6

I ended up buying vCarve. :slight_smile:

(Edward Ford) #7

Just for reference: To move an SVG (or any vector object you have imported or drawn) select the object (by either clicking or ctl+a to select all), then you need to click ON the line (anyplace that is orange!) then you can drag it around to where you need it to be.

You can see how to do that here:


(Randy L Grolemund Jr) #8

Thanks Edward, appreciate the assistance.