Is the Hitachi M12VC a good choice?

(Drew M. Tucker) #1

I will soon be purchasing a S3 XXL but I was thinking about going with this Hitachi M12VC router because it has a dB of only 79.5, super quiet, and it can take .5" shank cove bits. What do ya’ll think?

Will it fit the stock clamp on the S3 XXL?

(Stephen Gullage) #2

The body is 82.56mm wide, too big for the stock mount, which is 69mm. There are mounts available to be purchased from aftermarket sellers, but I would think the weight of the thing (~7lbs) would be too much for the stock Z without some modifications. You might need a Beaver HDZ to carry the thing.

(William Adams) #3

The Makita should be as quiet at equivalent RPMs, has an optional 3/8" collet, and is 65mm in diameter so will fit in the stock mount (with the included adapter).

This seems to be quite a bit larger than 69mm in diameter and heavier as well.

I don’t believe there are any routers which accept 1/2" shank collets which are 69mm in diameter.

(Luc) #4

I have the Makita router as the spindle in the Shapeoko and I’ve been impressed with how quiet it is compared to my other routers. It also has a lot of power for the size and liked it so much that I bought a second one to be used as a hand held router. I would recommend the Makita for these reasons and unless it has incredible features you cannot live without, I would not buy anything but the Makita or Dewalt in order to ensure you would not have unique issues and get support from the community if you have any.