Limit / Homing Switch Error Messages Shapeoko XL

(ryan harrison) #21

Ha! good to hear. I’ve been looking all over this damn thing.

So then my next question is when I try and set up homing nothing really happens. I enter all the info in MDI to allow homing. I go to jog. It says start homing and I say yes. no motors move. Then I get a “switch hit” message. Trying to figure out if that means I have a bad switch or not. I assume I can just meter the switch since I don’t have little indicator LEDs on my board? Any other thoughts?

(William Adams) #22

The electronics mystify me. Some switches have been a bit “sticky” and been fixed by toggling them.

I believe they’re NO. Check and see if they properly block/complete a circuit?

(Rick Miller) #23

Before you click on Home, make sure that you’re not against any of the limit switches. Pull all three axis at least 1/4" or more away from the limit switches before you turn the machine on.

It would be nice if the firmware could recover from this on its own. Something like, if a switch is already depressed, move the axis 5mm away from the switch then check again. If it still shows as depressed then throw an error.

(ryan harrison) #24

Yah, I starting reading some previous posts about keeping off the switches at startup. I don’t have that issue but I was hoping it was because that’s a pretty simple fix.

(ryan harrison) #25

That’s my next step. Thanks Will.