Made a frog box

(Dan Nelson) #1

Laminated walnut and maple, 2 sided machining with dowel pins to keep the “flip” straight. Finished with mineral oil:

Thanks for looking,


How good is the Shapeoko 3 XXL for 3D reliefs?
(Dan Nelson) #2

Oh yea, used VCarve Desktop, 1/4" Flat endmill, 1/8" flat endmill, 1/8" ball endmill, and a 1/8" 90 degree VBit to trace the edges for a slight chamfer. The frog was an included VCarve model. Wont let me attach the file, even zipped, too big ;-(


(Richard Cournoyer) #3 then attach a link (up to 15 gb I believe)

(Adam X) #4

Really nice looking!! Was all that frog’s detail really done with a 1/8" ball end?! Wow.
I’ve not braved any two-sided machining yet…

(Dan Nelson) #5

I used a 1/8" flat to cut the profile of the frog and the flat areas, then used same flat 1/8" for 3D roughing (30% step over), then a 1/8" ball end (10% step over) to do the finish. Some of the “detail” is also the curly maple which has got to be my most favorite wood ever, it gives such a nice glowing textured look. The frog actually took the least time, it was hogging out the pockets that took longer, but I went with light cuts (with a 1/4" flat end mill) to minimize deflection/sanding later.



(mikep) #6

Really like the flame and the way it’s oriented!

(Dan Nelson) #7

Thanks Mike, I’d love to take credit, but it really happened by accident. Now you’ve got me wondering what it would look like 90 degrees out? I think this will be my last frog for awhile, my sister has requested a dragonfly and I want to try a different box shape. This will go into my house, into the growing pile of “stuff Dan is messing with in the garage”, where as the little bench my wife made of 2x4’s will be displayed in the front yard, haha!!!


(Jim Amos) #8

Wow… nice project. I’ve got to try VCarve at some point.

(Byrne Pedit) #9

Very nice. I wish I could run Vcarve on my Mac. Oh, and I wish I could 3D design like your frog!

(Dan Nelson) #10

Thanks! The frog is actually an included model with VCarve. I’m not a Mac guy, but isn’t there a way to run Windows on a Mac? Guessing you could run VCarve on that no?