Making a Stainless Steel Watch Case and Back on the Shapeoko 3 (Start to Finish)

(William Adams) #81

Nope, no Dobermans, though am looking forward to getting a dog once I’m retired (they don’t allow dogs at work).

(Richard Cournoyer) #82

Never forget!

For 2 days I’ve been chasing a 0.020" error in my X-Axis. After all the preaching you think I’d first check the SET SCREW!!! Well, it wasn’t so much loose, as fatigued after 2 years of cutting metal.
The point of the set screw had a nice flat on it allowing (only on a load) to slip. In the picture you can see the small dimple from my drilling check (fool me once).

This fixture is two fold. It’ll hold the watch cover still while I engrave the outside and inside as well as a holding fixture to deepen the counterbores another 0.010".

PS I’m also working on my Spotting surface technique




(Jerry Gray) #83

That spotting technique is cool.
My dad told me about that, once.
I believe one way was to use a wooden dowel and pollish.
How was yours done?
Nice to see that old style being used.
Really great work.

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(Richard Cournoyer) #85

It’s a wrap, it’s finished, I’m done…

(Robert) #86

Great work Rich! what type of machining coolant are you using in the bath? I have been reviewing the feeds and speeds calculation to machine 4140. I have a old lawn tractor that they don’t make parts for so I might need to machine a spur gear for the transmission. Any thoughts? Have a great day!


(Richard Cournoyer) #87


I’ve machines lots of 4140/4150…and will be working with some in a week or two. My recommendation is to machine it in the annealed (soft) state and then heat treat it to the desired hardness. I know not everyone has this capability (ability). If you need to work within the hard condition…umm, well good luck. Possible? Sure, but it will be a lot slower and tougher on the machine/cutters

Coolant (Amazon)? See the photo. I mix it 10:1.

My material (unfortunately) is already hard, so I will be annealing it, machining it, then rehardening it (tempering it too of course), but that’s the way I roll.

(Robert) #88

Yea that was my plan to machine it in the annealed state. Thanks for the coolant recommendation.