MDF Sign for work

(John Clark) #1

MDF, copper paint with a black acrylic wash. Very pleased with the result.

Starting to get the hang of this and enjoying the journey.


(Dan Nelson) #2

That looks really cool! I’ve tried to do the fill in the vcarve with paint thing and it’s never worked out great, got any secrets?



(William Adams) #3

Best thing to do for a nice V Carve appearance is to start by finishing the piece, then V Carve, then one can paint, counting on the finish to allow one to clean up any paint on the surface.

Alternately, cover w/ adhesive vinyl, then paint, then remove the vinyl.

(John Clark) #4

I used Peter Passuello’s method from this video:

Basically, seal the MDF with shellac, paint with metallic copper paint and let dry for several days. Go back with a black acrylic paint and do it in small sections, wiping with a damp cloth and a paper towel wrapped around a sanding block. Clean up with denatured alcohol. The video has some good detail and his channel is worth a look.

It seems to work pretty well.

(Derrick Carver) #5

Nice work John :mask:

(Scott Conant) #6

Great video and great technique! Thx!