My New Digital Watch

(DJ Harrigan) #1

Here’s my first project with my Nomad Pro. Just some quick cuts and engraving, but I’m very happy with it!

You can see more in my video about the watch and how it works here:

I’ve read most of the topics on the forum here and they’ve been very useful. Hopefully I can add more to the conversation in the future too.

(Patricio Suarez) #2

Is that V from Haselblad’s Victor?

(DJ Harrigan) #3

Wow, just looked that up. Pretty similar, but it’s a play on the Vault-Tec logo which is also in reference to the New Mexico State flag. It’s the symbol I use for my channel.

(Phil Thien) #4


The TSA is going to LOVE it.

(steve raffner) #5

Wonderful bravo - this is excellent