My SO3 Projects - Aluminum & More

(Richard Cournoyer) #41

I get terrible color with Rit (Liquid) that washes right out when I boil it (to seal it). Are you using the power and what is your magic recipe (Qty of dye to water)?

(Alek Cappelletti) #42

My first attempt didn’t soak up any color like you’re saying. Washed right out except for one spot that bubbled a ton in the tank. I narrowed it down to the part not actually being anodized except for in that one spot. Have since gotten a better aluminum wire to wrap the part (better contact) and leave the parts in the sulfuric acid longer.

No secret recipe on the dye. A lot of water to a little dye. Doesn’t take much!

(Art Peters) #43


Hi, I’ve been traveling and away from the Shapeoko, when I did not hear, I tried my go at it, and
learned a lot! first, I discovered that for my unit the front milling surface (0,0,0) extends beyond the front of my Aluminum base plate. I also used a 1/8" end mill the M6 holes – took about 4 hrs to mill. I think that I’ll “borrow” some of your ideas for V2 that include a recessed M8 counterbore to allow for recessed mounting screws.

Thanks for all your help, picts to follow.