New Carbide Motion release - Build 349


I was browsing the Carbide website last night, and noticed a new Carbide Motion release . Build 349 - right in the filename. :slight_smile: I don’t know what has changed, though.

(mark) #2

been running it for a few days. Seems solid. windows 10.


Carbide Motion Changes

*** Version 2 Build 349 ***
-Added new binary gcode support for Carbide Create
-Added gcode viewer. Click on filename after loading to see it
-Added parameters page

(from the Carbide website)

(Anton) #4

I downloaded 349 but it did says 2.0.333 in the app itself:) jfyi


My Windows copy reports 2.0.349, build date 2015.11.20.


(Dang) #6

where exactly do you find the release notes on their site? I must be blind

(Anton) #7

osx downloaded from the Downloads page has 349 in the filename but 333 in the app itself.


@designxtek, it’s not linked on the website, but at

The Carbide crew should really put some empty index.html files in their folders so people like me can’t poke around in them… :wink:



@anton42, that is the V1, I’m pretty sure. It’s in the V1 folder, no version number in the filename. V2 is at



I’ve downloaded for the Mac and I when I run it it reports “Version 2.0.333”. Maybe the folks are Carbide could comment?

(Bill Johnes) #11

Would love to see a time remaining and job duration indicator in Carbide Motion. Haven’t used it in a while but was messing with it after my XXL upgrade.