Nomad and Corian sample

(Scott) #1

I have a 2"x2"x.5" sample of basic white Corian I’d like to mess around with. Can the Nomad handle this and if so, what mill should be used? thx

(William Adams) #2

Corian machines quite nicely.

Here’s one example of cutting it on a Nomad:

and a few notes on the wiki:

(Scott) #3

Awesome. Appears I have everything I need then (except for good dust management, which concerns me about this material). This is all stuff “in the queue” as I need to do a good flip jig tutorial first. My first attempt with the jig was… all cootered. I’m still very very new.

Thx for the link!

(Dan Nelson) #4

For small CNC stuff you might also do a search for “Candlestone” which is a high grade Corian to see what other folks are using for speeds/feeds/stepover/DOC/bits. As Will mentioned this stuff machines beautifully with great detail. I’ve cut it half a dozen times and have probably 30 small pieces waiting for “that special project”, whenever that happens, haha!!! I use a ShapeOKO, but I’m sure you’ll find many people cut it with a Nomad as well.


(Patricio Suarez) #5

Candlestone or Corian sound interesting. Any suggestions as to where I can get small quantities sized for the Nomad?.

(Dan Nelson) #6

There ya go!