Nomad Classic For Sale


Great machine but I bought a larger one and it has been sitting idle. I would prefer it get a new life in someone else’s garage than continue to go unused in mine.

NOMAD 883 Classic
Model Number 883.1 (HDPE Sides)
Purchased - June 2015

Price - $1,800 (Includes UPS Ground in original box with insurance and delivery confirmation to lower 48)
Preferred method of payment - Paypal
PM me if interested

USB Cable
5 new wasteboards
1/4" collet
1/8” collet
(1) 1/4" ball end bit
(1) 1/4" square end bit
(2) 1/8” square end bit
(2) 1/8” ball end bit
(2) 30 deg engraving bit
Blue Fixture Wax (high strength)
White Fixture Wax (low strength/water soluble)
(1) Roll double sided adhesive tape (not pictured)
(1) Collet Wrench
(1) Spindle Wrench
(1) Wasteboard allen wrench
USB Wireless Keypad (for wireless jogging)


Price Reduced: $1600

(Logan Koch) #3

Is this still available for purchase?


Yes it is still available.

(Brittan Edwards) #5

I just sent the payment. Please send me an email or update PayPal when shipped. Thank you


Thanks Brittan. I have sent you a PM with some details. I hope you have a lot of fun with this little machine.