Nomad feeds & speeds for UHMW?

(David Yount) #1

Making some parts out of 1 inch UHMW and the feeds & speeds that come up in Carbide Create seem too aggressive and my Nomad is going into a limit switch fault. Has anyone found good depth of cut, rpm and feed & plunge rates for cutting UHMW using .250 and .125 end mills?

(Mark Walker) #2

I think you want to start with the numbers here:

Those were tested and produced after the most recent Carbide Create version.

(David Yount) #3

Thanks…I’ll compare to my settings. What unit of measure are the feed rates? I’ve been using inches per minute and the rates on the chart look very different.

(Mark Walker) #4

They are inches per minute.

(Mark Walker) #5

Also, those numbers are for the 0.125" 2-flute end mills from Carbide3D. A 0.250" mill will want to go slower and/or shallower, I think.

(David Yount) #6

Is that with about a 50% step over?

(Mark Walker) #7

I’ve run slots all the way down with numbers on that chart (for other materials), but for finish quality, I like my last cut to have 10% of the cutter width or less. That said, for a square end, I usually set my stepover to 40% of the cutter width.

(David Yount) #8

Parts are milling nicely! Thanks for the help!

(Mark Walker) #9

The doc has been moved, the new url is: