PC Cases made out of Wood

(Ian Reardon) #1

Hey Everyone,

I’m working on designing a full featured PC case out of wood. I’ve been using my Shapeoko XL and 3D printer.

Here is my latest prototype. Any suggestions would be appreciated. http://make4.io/p/amd-ryzen-itx-pc-project/



(Jim Amos) #2

Nice project, Ian! There was another recent customized case thread here awhile back… perhaps you guys can compare notes?

(mark robinson) #3

Nice build…I would add a cut out in the motherboard tray for the cpu imo.

Heres my baby,no wood tho,but tons of liquid :slight_smile:

Good idea @jimidi

(mikep) #4

Could probably make a few bucks on the side selling the plastic parts.

(Jim Amos) #5

Goodness @orlrobinson… are you a gamer? Liquid cooling is for intense mega-transistor-concentrated processing cores.

(mark robinson) #6

Lmao! a little @jimidi

(Ian Reardon) #7

Nice! What GPU is that. Have you played player unkown battlegrounds yet?

(mark robinson) #8

yeah battlegrounds is fun!..its only a evga 970 gpu with a full EK waterblock and back plate.My board went out late last year so i replaced everything but the 970 and a few months later the 1070 series came out but i havnt dumped the cash yet,the 970 is still amazing imo.

(Ian Reardon) #9

The new Ryzen CPU is nice. I am running a GTX 1080 in it. Trying to resist the 1080 ti

(Jesse Glessner) #10

Your enclosures look great!
Try this link below and see how they are putting boxes together! Also awesome!