Pineapple Serving Tray

(Bill Johnes) #1

Just finished cleaning up this serving tray. It’s made out of 3/4" hard maple. Wasn’t sure it was going to be a good day for CNC as this one started out with my Z axis crashing to the top and plunging the v bit too deep, twice. Was able to turn her over and save the piece. If you notice there is a fair amount of burning from the v bit around the edges and at the top of the pineapple. I tried to adjust rpm’s but it didn’t help. The v bit is fairly new. I ran the dewalt 611 at the number 2 setting which is about 18,200 rpm. I really don’t mind the heat spots on the edge as it looks like the outside color of a pineapple but just curious if anyone would have any insight to this minor problem. I’ll be wiping the piece down with mineral oil to finish.

(Craig) #2

Is this the vectric project they released in the latest newsletter?

Did you try adjusting your feed rate ?

(Stacy Boncheff) #3

Here is the one I made for my wife. It is made out of Red Grandis. She loves it. Thanks Vectric for this project.

(Bill Johnes) #4

Yes it is Craig. I did adjust the feed rate but slowed it down to 25 inches a minute. Maybe too slow? My v cut looks pretty deep compared to Stacy’s and the vectric pics.

(Stacy Boncheff) #5

Yep that is pretty slow. Mine was 100 ipm and it cut fine. Could probably go faster if you wanted to but I find I am more comfortable at around that speed for most wood.

(Craig) #6

That’s pretty slow, I usually cut hard maple at 70-80 IPM, you can also create a second pass set slightly deeper to take a light final cut at a faster rate if you continue to have issues.

(Bill Johnes) #7

Thanks guys. I’ll make adjustments and try again. Maybe I can get better results the second go around.

(Bill Johnes) #8

Made another one and it turned out the way it should by design. Adjusted the router up to keep z axis from topping out. It went good this time. This one is going to be a Christmas gift for my mother in law.

(Stacy Boncheff) #9

Much much better. She will love it.

(Fahad Mubaraki ) #10

can you share the cad file please.

(Bill Johnes) #11

Here is the link to download the files Fahad. This is Vectric VCarve software.

(Fahad Mubaraki ) #12

Thank you for sharing @Bjohnes

(Fahad Mubaraki ) #13


Any one have access to vcarve can save the file as dxf and svg .

(Stacy Boncheff) #16

Something is screwy. The SVG file is not uploading correctly.

(Rob Grzesek) #17

Sorry for the trouble. The forum is a black box, so there’s not much we can do to tweak it.

I did just upgrade to the latest version though so that may have helped.

(Fahad Mubaraki ) #18

Thanks @Bonch

My mom will love it

(Stacy Boncheff) #19

(Stacy Boncheff) #20

Still doesnt work but if you need the svg file, send me a message with your email and I will send it to you.

(Jim Amos) #21

For yucks, I decided to import this .svg into Carbide Create (thanks, Bonch!). CC opened this up just fine, however there are some post import issues I’m experiencing:

  • Using any of the alignment tools produces a skewed mish-mash of vector results.
  • I can’t get a toolpath created with any of the imported vector objects,

I also tried saving the post-imported project into .c2d format, reopening it, and still the same results.

What am I missing?
Is there a setting/operation in CC that needs to be activated?

(Rick Evans) #22

I have made 7 of these and 3 had the same result of of the x axis crashing. I did reset my bowl for a deeper dish of .4". Did 3 passes and a .05 as a clean up pass number 4.