Plunge cut a 1/8 hole?

(Valentin Parks) #1

Using 1/8 bit, how do I simply plunge down to make a 1/8" hole? (In Carbide Create)

(William Adams) #2

You can’t. It doesn’t support drilling — you have to enlarge the hole by ~10% and cut it as a pocket.

(David McMillan) #3

Or pocket it “true size” using a 1/16th cutter.

(Daniel Loughmiller) #4

I asked the same question starting out for quarter inch holes and felt dumb when I realized for most woodworking .25" and .252" are for all purposes the same.

(William Adams) #5

Another option would be to use a tool which does support peck drilling — MakerCAM is one such:

(Jaron Andre) #6

In know you’re specifically asking about Carbide Create, but if you’re willing to try out Fusion 360 it’s very good for plunging down to drill holes.