Round bottom holes in wood

(Cam LaFrance) #1

Hi, Is it possible to drill a 11/16 round bottom hole in solid oak Aggravation game board?

(William Adams) #2

Yes, if you have a ball-nosed 11/16" endmill, or model the hole in 3D CAM to have a round bottom and cut w/ an endmill, or you manually work up a suitable toolpath.

(Mad Hatter) #3

I made this board using this bit and plunging straight down slowly - like 5ipm. Probably could have gone faster, but I didn’t want to find out what happens if I went too fast. I used 5/8" marbles from Moon Marble Co. because I liked the colors.

(Cam LaFrance) #4

Hi Madhatter, nice looking boards!!!
Good looking holes also. Thanks for that. I hope to be as successful as you! I just ordered some new bits.