Say it in 24K GOLD

(Richard Cournoyer) #1

This quote has been with me (JPL Office, then my workshop) for the last 15+ years, and it was time to give it a permanent home rather than a printed piece of paper…

(Stuart) #2

Very clean mate, I like it a lot.

Couldn’t help but notice the gold leaf is edible…

(Evan Day) #3

Great work, surprised to see you working with wood.

(Tito) #4

Beautiful–so nicely done!!

(Richard Cournoyer) #5

Haha, you know me…not a fan of wood, but I am working on something really original, and it needed to be made with wood (light and dark), and while I was at Rockler, I couldn’t find a small piece of Black Walnut and said…well, I just I’ll finally make that sign (it’s been 15 years).

I can’t wait to show the next wood project (IF it works, I’m still working on it)

January’s project is a STEEL, (and special steel) project and it will blow your mind…very very original…again, IF it works.

Stay tuned…

EDIT: I was just thinking that while this project is made with real 24Kgold, January’s project is will be made using DIamonds…What’s next? (I’m running out of precious materials) haha

(Dan Nelson) #6

Can you mill a good vanilla pudding? Sorry, it’s my favorite, just thought I’d ask :wink:

Cool stuff as always Rich!