Scanned & cutted

(Newton Burcksdale) #1

Hey all, this is one of the first of my projects I wanted to share.

I made a 3d model of my dad’s guitar with the 3D scanner, cutted with the Shapeoko XXL, I wetted the surface with isopropyl alcohol to show the finished colour. I’m working on the back plate using OpenSCAD, but my imagination is not enough to come up with something really original. Any help would be appreciate. There is still a lot of work to be done.

(Jerry Gray) #2

Thats really cool. I been thinking about the same thing, today.
I made this for my cousins guitar. Back plate for a guitar
It sticks on with velcro, and I just ordered a cheap fake les paul type, and thinking of making my own body, or at least add some 3d art to it.
I use a lot of files from 3D printing sites, import, and merge them together in 3d CAM software. That might give you some ideas.
Or a lot of V Carving possibilities with black and white coloring pages, or Mandalas.
Very nice work, btw :slight_smile:
EDIT: Holy Cow! Thats one heck of a scanner!! LOL Nearly $10 grand.
I took a picture and traced it, then used the scale function, but I think it’s in my post. Just a cheaper alternative, one might consider, if they cant get a scanner.

(John) #3

could i get the gcode for this, I am willing to pay for it so I can cut it on my SO3XXL - Thanks in advance

(William Adams) #4

There are some guitar plans listed at: