Shapeoko 3 Not Connecting to cutter

(Joe Carroll ) #1

I just finished assembling my Shapeoko 3. When I power it up and try to connect to it via Carbide Motion, I receive an error message that Cutter is not connected. All cables are in, power is on and I even restarted my laptop and the entire process to no avail. Please help with any suggestions.

Thank you!

(William Adams) #2

The usual difficulty here is missing the power switch on the power supply cord — check that if you didn’t notice it (tiny thing, easily overlooked).

We do have a basic article on this at:

You could try pressing the reset button on the controller — please contact if that works but is necessary each time, or if you can’t get connected and we’ll do our best to help.

(Joe Carroll ) #3

Thanks for the quick response Will. I did flip the in line power switch. Can I ask a stupid question? Where is the reset button on the controller?

(Joe Carroll ) #4


I did also send a note to tech support.

Thanks, Joe

(Christopher De Jong) #5

The reset button on the board is on the bottom right
It’s a small white button

(Joe Carroll ) #6

Thanks Will. I pressed reset and nothing changes. Still does not connect. Any other suggestions?

(Joe Carroll ) #7

Thanks very much Chris. I reset but unfortunately no change. Still dead in the water. I also check my ports on the laptop and the OS is not even recognizing that it’s connected. Any other ideas?

(mikep) #8

You’re pushing the “connect to cutter” button in the UI, and it’s not connecting, is that correct?

(Joe Carroll ) #9

Yes that’s exactly what I’m doing.

(William Adams) #10

Other things to try:

  • if on a Mac, install Universal G-Code Sender — it adds the account to the Dialout group which is sometimes necessary
  • uninstall any other Arduino-related software, or software for specialty electronics such as National Instruments

If none of that works, let us know at and we’ll get this sorted out.

(Joe Carroll ) #11

Thanks I will install that. Any down side withninstalling this on my laptop? That is, will it affect anything else?

(Joe Carroll ) #12

Will - hate to be a pain but i need some direction on where to get the down load and what steps need to be taken once its downloaded please,

Thanks very much,


(William Adams) #13

Get UGS from:

You can get the Carbide 3D software from:

(Joe Carroll ) #14


Based on your last email, you will be sending me a new controller so there’s no need for me to bother with UGS. Please confirm.

Thanks for your help,


(William Adams) #15

Yes, best to just wait for the new controller.

(Joe Carroll ) #16

Thanks Will. I look forward to it. Thanks very much.

(Jesse Glessner) #17

IF all else fails - try deleting your current installs of the Carbide software and then downloading and reinstalling the two packages. It is what I had to do to get rid of a quirk in my system.

(system) #18

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