Shapeoko 3XXL Grid Dimensions

(Douglas Anarino) #1

Whether I select ‘Shapeoko 3’ or ‘Shapeoko XXL’ the size of my document’s grid doesn’t change to reflect the size of the device. Am I doing something wrong?

(William Adams) #2

The machine selection informs the software as to maximum possible bed are, and appropriate feeds and speeds — to change the work area / document grid, change the “Stock Size” in the Job Setup pane.

(Douglas Anarino) #3

Ah, I see now. I had attempted that, but got an alert saying the stock size was too big for my machine, though I had the XXL selected!

(Douglas Anarino) #4

Oh, I see why I’m having such a challenge on this dialog… I’m on a MacBook so have to ‘scroll’ down to submit changes. But doing so will cause the select menus to change if they happen to scroll under the cursor at the same time. Select menus should not respond to swipes that did not start over them. Is this an appropriate place to report buggy behavior?

(William Adams) #5 would be better for bugs — we can assign them to a developer there.