Shapeoko Touchplate support?

(Francisco) #1

Is the new touch plate supported in the Nomad?

(Luke) #2

It should be as the shapeoko and Nomad use the same control board. I know it’s been done but I don’t know what hole the wire has been passed through. You might need to drill a small hole. @1st_Kiwi_Nomad can add some value here I believe.

(Leith) #3

In short, I emailed Jorge was incredibly helpful! Mine also had a faulty limit switch which he diagnosed via skype! Amazing customer support. So the best approach is to email them. But have them take a look at these steps and see if I missed anything. Maybe Jorge could extend this and make a Nomad classic touch probe install tutorial?

Assuming yours is like mine (mine is S/N 00046) then these instructions don’t include our board.

So what I did was
Step 1: disassemble a side, then the back, then the electronics cover, then cut this pin.

Step 2: install the latest carbide motion

Step 3: solder this red wire (this was probably the hardest part other than disassembling the machine)

Step 4: Reassemble

(Leith) #4

of course, if your’s is more recent one (not a classic) then this will not apply and the instructions here might be more valid to you

(John Gowrie) #5

whoa! I was just coming on here to be snarky about the touch plate and how I was waiting for it… are you saying it’s actually available?? Let me run over to the store and take a look :wink:

(William Adams) #6

It should be available real-soon-now (waiting on one batch of parts from a vendor).

I will admit that this whole thing has me feeling like an IBM computer salesman back in their heyday.

Hopefully once it’s back in stock it’ll stay in stock.

(John Gowrie) #7

great! Snarkiness withheld :wink:

(Francisco) #8

Thanks for the info. I appreciate your help!

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