Shapeoko XXL baseboard... 306 holes later

(Luke) #1

Hi guys

I’ve been working on a baseboard drilling cycle for my home grown cnc, however I think it will also work for an XXL. This is meant for an aluminium base and M6 holes. You set the machine at the front middle and click go.

3 Cam cycles, a round pass to check clearances, 306 holes, then 306 bevels.

They can be downloaded from here:

(Neil Ferreri) #2

Are you going to tap those by hand or try thread milling them?

(Griff ) #3

I hope he decides thread mill…

(Luke) #4

I wasn’t going to… but then I can’t think of a reason not to…

If only I had thought about it Monday and I would have bought a thread mill in time for this weekend.

Update, where can I buy one from?

(Luke) #5

I’ve just found these

this would be what I want right? Not sure how I feel about waiting 3/4 weeks to do the threading mind

(Griff ) #6

They have threadmills. Not sure about UK shipping

EDIT: Oops, no metric, sorry.

But, ask, maybe they will make some.

(Neil Ferreri) #7

Or you could spend 3/4 weeks DOING the threading.

(Luke) #8

Ah I can’t wait that long to thread it…

I have now had the machine running for 2/3 hours milling 321 5mm holes, and 15 10mm pockets… then 321 chamfers…

I will save the tapping for tomorrow, I need to lift the board out a fraction…

(Luke) #9

it took me an hour and three dewalt batteries but all my holes are threaded!

time to make something!

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