Shapeoko XXL Setup

(Kirk Swidowski) #1

Hi everyone, I purchased my Shapeoko XXL in late November and finally got it up and running! Here are some pictures of the table I made, wasteboard, clamps, and a small box. The build went extremely smooth given the directions and watching youtube videos of others assembling theirs. For projects a I have few things drawn up in Autodesk Fusion 360 (links below). I will post additional projects as I complete them.

My only question is when the Shapeoko Touch Probe will be in stock again so I can gladly hand over more :moneybag: to Carbide 3D? :smile:

Fusion 360 Links
Small Layered Box
If Papa Can’t Fix It We’re Screwed
Super Simple Play Pals


(William Adams) #2


My understanding is the Probe will be in stock “soonish” which I’m interpreting as early–mid January.

(Huey) #3

Congratulations Kirk! I’m (im)patiently awaiting the shipment of my XXL and I appreciate you sharing your installation.

Thank you

Happy New Year!


(Mario Turcotte) #4

Very nice setup :clap: well done!

(Dan Nelson) #5

I really like the doweled box, something I’ve been meaning to try for quite awhile, nicely done!!!

As a side note, bike in corner, Ninja? Which one? I’ve never owned a Kawasaki (almost bought one once though). I’ve had couple Honda CBR’s, Yamaha R6 and currently a Triumph Street Triple R. I’ll be 46 years old next month, but I can’t seem to shake the sport bike thing.


(Kirk Swidowski) #6

Thanks everyone for the feedback. @DanolnTx the bike in the corner is a 2012 250R nothing big as it’s my first bike (bought it new) and didn’t want to spend much as I wasn’t sure how into it I would get. I basically just bomb around town on it and run errands.

On a more CNC note, I did the doweled box out of MDF just to see how it would go. I want to make sure this thing doesn’t turn into a sign/engraving machine.

I’m currently working on a jig for it that will allow me to cut mortise and tenon and will post when that is complete. I intend to leverage the space the CNC can mill beyond the front of the machine to mount long stock.

(Dan Nelson) #7

My first adult bike was a new 2013 CBR500R, then shortly afterwards I bought a 2011 CBR250R for my wife. She never really rode it much, but I used it as my “Saturday morning” bike as it was just so lightweight, never needed gas, I could twist it to the rev limiter on just about every gear change, just fun! I think the small Ninjas are nearly the same bike as far as size and performance, I bet it’s a blast!

My machine has made a bunch of signs and engravings for sure. I probably did more actual 3D when I first got it. This is a good reminder, I must make more stuff!!

Cool stuff!!!