Sign fonts please

(Griff Carpenter) #1

Did a bit of a look around here, didn’t see what I need. Per the pic, please point me to a font source. Need to make some party signs for my daughters company picnic.

Me and Caleb say thanks!

(mark robinson) #2

(Griff Carpenter) #3

Perfect, thanks. and 20.more cha

(Luke) #4

what is a horse shoe pit?

(Neil Ferreri) #5

(Luke) #6

Ah, when I lived in Texas I saw a bunch of those, I had no idea what they were mind.

You need to add Hammerschlagen to your party :smiley:

(Richard Warren) #7

Learned years ago if you put your cooler/beverages in the middle you pass it each round rather than only every 2 rounds.

If we’d only put as much thought into studying…


(Daren Lewis) #8

I’m a fan of Google fonts… here is a selection filtered for handwriting.

I’ve used Lobster a lot when cutting vinyl.

(Griff Carpenter) #9

Ha ha, you lived in Texas? Really? And you don’t know what a horse shoe pit is?

(Griff Carpenter) #10

Count me a new fan! Thanks very much for the suggestion.

(Allyn Phillips) #11


Boston is Baskerville Old
Coney island is Challenge Contour
San Francisco is Forte
Seoul is BaaBookHMKBold
Tokyo is Dom Casual BT
Burbank is forte
Death Valley is Lauren Script
Toledo is Maiandra GD
Decatur is Missy BT

Depending on your age these signs are close copies of the signs on the TV show M.A.S.H. They were all done using VCarve Desktop and my Shapeoko 3 XXL.

(John Waldo) #12

Nice! Did you use a vbit or regular one? I’m new and having some trouble getting vcarves to look right.

(Allyn Phillips) #13

I used a 30 degree vbit

(Daren Lewis) #14

Awesome! Love this idea :slight_smile:

(Newton Burcksdale) #15

Nice signs, really, great job, keep it up.

(system) #16

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