Slight deviation when cutting along the x-axis (Pics inside)

(Ryan) #1

Not sure if it’s the x-axis or not but I’m noticing a slight gap when cutting a straight line. Any clue on how to fix this?

Here are some test/fitting cuts. The top side of the glass is flushed against the top side of the pocket.

The bottom left has a slight gap, about ~0.5mm, compared to the right.

A closer look of the bottom left gap

The bottom right

(Adam X) #2

Did you tram your wasteboard with your spindle? That sounds like either a sloped wasteboard, or an out of level X axis boom. Your X travel and wasteboard must be coplaner.

With the machine on, get a set of feeler gauges and move the Z carriage to then end of the X axis with the “gap”. Lower the bit until you can justttt get a .02" feeler under it. Then slowly jog it to the other end of the X and see if the .02" feeler still fits. If not, you’re table isn’t parallel to your X. You could fix it by tramming your board, or by leveling your X boom (I’d go the latter, if it’s significant)

(Phil Thien) #3

Make certain your steel belt pulleys aren’t touching your x-axis extrusion. If they are, they can cause the z-carriage to wobble as it travels the x.

(Ryan) #4

False alarm. My stock was moving about which caused the deviation. Need to come up with a better clamp down.