Source for nylon bolts for threaded tables

(William Adams) #1

Yeah, I should be calmer and more patient.

Anyway, if you need hardware which won’t mess up the anodizing, this looks like a suitable option:

(Jude Marleau) #2

What about the nylon toilet seat bolts, a little cheaper but…

(William Adams) #3

#10-24, not M6 I’m afraid — I did use them for height adjustment on my clamps.

(William Adams) #5

Not sure why I wrote nuts when I meant bolts… anyway, the SKU I listed includes both…

Unfortunately, the nearest McMaster-Carr location for me is in New Jersey.

(Temujin Kuechle) #6

Order Online maybe? Or you want to see it before buying?

(William Adams) #7

Trying to live a cash-only existence, and don’t want to put this project off waiting for shipping. Should have driven over on Sunday, will hopefully manage it today or tomorrow after work.

(Temujin Kuechle) #8

I tried that but have 2 kids, a wife and all that, would mean visiting the ATM too often.
Anyway, good luck on finding those parts!