Spindle tramming

(Kris Van) #1

Time to dial in the calibration. Following the youtube tuning video by Winston Moy, I made the diy spindle tram he described. I was able to get the X plane almost perfect. In the Y plane, I still have at least 1/16" from front to back. If I grab the bottom of the Z carriage and pull gently toward me, there is a little wobble which is enough to explain the difference in Y from front to back. I don’t see an obvious fix, but I’m hoping I’m missing something simple. Thanks.


EDIT: Also, can I tram the wasteboard with a 1/4" end mill, or should I get a fly cutter? Hopefully thats the next step. Thx.

(Daniel Loughmiller) #2

I found slightly tightening the vwheels fixed that wobble.

I trammed my wasteboard with a 1/4" mill. Takes awhile but the CNC does all the work. You could also get a slightly larger bit, say 1/2" or 3/4" to do the work, just make sure it’s either center cutting or that your tramming path brings it in from the edge.

(Kris Van) #3

The X axis V wheels I assume?

(Daniel Loughmiller) #4

Correct. Other than that you could try loosening the screws holding the x-axis extrusion in place and try tilting it while tightening them. If that’s not enough you could file off the anodizing on the holes to give you a touch more wiggle room.

(Rick Miller) #5

I used some shims made from folded aluminum foil between the spindle mount and the z-axis plate to make some final fine adjustments.

(Kris Van) #6

Tightening the lower X axis wheels helped a ton Dan, thx. Didn’t need to shim at this point Rick, but thanks for the input!