Suggestion: Tap holes in the aluminum rails for the Drag Chains

(Ben Chase) #1

This is just a thought, but the double sided tape has left me concerned for long term use of the drag chains on the XL system I have (and I am sure others would benefit just the same).

Instead of the tape, I drilled small holes and tapped them into the aluminum rails to better secure the drag chains. The chains themselves already have 4 holes that fit flat head machine screws perfectly flush and drilling/tapping 2 small holes in each rail looks to cause no integrity issues to the overall function of the machine itself.

I am sure it is not something we would see implemented anytime soon, but if anyone has any experience at all with drill/tap efforts, it literally took me less than 10 minutes to secure both using this method. One could even make it easier by just drilling out a hole and using a self tapping metal screw if they do not have access to a drill/tap tool kit.

Hopefully this advice will be helpful to some, or anyone who has had issues with the two sided tape.



(Chris A.) #2

Yes, I had the same concern with the dbl-sided tape. Mine (Y-rail) came off in short order so I also mechanically fastened it on. They all have the same potential, just the Y-Rail is more susceptible to coming off.

(William Adams) #3

Yeah, went looking for an M3 tap, but only found 'em in sets at Harbor Freight and Home Depot.

(Ben Chase) #4

amazon has some amazing options.

6-Piece Set for your power drill.

5-Piece set if you have a tap wrench already.

The set I have, Irwin makes the best in my opinion, I have not broken a single bit yet and I have actively used it well over 3 years now. Everything from Aluminum to Steel.

(William Adams) #5

I’ve a fondness for Vermont American, so have added this to my next Amazon order:

(Ben Chase) #6

they have been very hit and miss for me honestly. their router bits left so much to be desired for me and thus I switched to Freud and have never looked back.

If you can afford it, Irwin is 100% the way to go. You will not be upset, even though they are a bit pricier, you are getting tools that will last a VERY long time.

(William Adams) #7

That’s sad — three decades ago, they were the best value at a local hardware store — sad that’s no longer the case.

Running around this weekend, I actually wound up w/ a N.O.S. Irwin M4 tap for $4.92 from the local True Value (when I couldn’t find M3, thought it might work — M4 heads won’t work too large) — in great shape aside from ~10–20? (or more?) years of dust on it.