Tabs in Carbide Create 3.04

(Don Sieburg) #1

AWESOME! When were they added?

(William Adams) #2

Build 304 released on 9 August:

(Fred Nelson) #3

I love the tabs, they work perfectly! Thank you Will!

(Don Sieburg) #4

Will, I noticed now that simulations (using tabs) in Create 3.04 emulate a much larger stock size in proportion to the graphic. Also, the graphics always seem to appear in the lower left of the stock regardless of the specified size and the fact that I almost always center them. What am I doing wrong?

(William Adams) #5

You are not doing anything wrong — the problem is that we have a minimum limit on the size of the stock which we show in the preview. Please submit a screen grab and a matching file as a bug report / feature request to