Thread Milling (in Metal) on the Shapeoko (3)

(Richard Cournoyer) #21

Taps my dear. (and a lot of them by hand)

I lived and traveled throughout China, traveled over 22,000 miles, and visited many machine shops.

(Jerry Gray) #22

I wish they would quit keeping all the good taps for themselves and selling me all the junk ones, lol.

(Jerry Gray) #23

I bought a used tapping head for the drill press, a while back.
An internal shaft was bent, and it wobbled to bad, but I learned a little about taps.
These are what I use now.
You can put them in a drill, or lathe tail stock and just go to town.
No back and forth, just drill :slight_smile:

(William Adams) #24

You can get good quality gear from China which is manufactured there — you just have to buy from a vendor which is able to impose suitable QC controls, which entails a commensurate price.

Really looking forward to my next Made in China tool, an imported “Chopstick Master” from Bridge City Tools (the previous one was a pair of traditional Chinese scissors which I purchased as a birthday present for my sister for her scherenschnitte (traditional German ornamental paper-cutting)

(Richard Cournoyer) #25

That’s the thing about China. We can get great products (iPhone, TV’s, Computers), and a lot of junk too. It needs to be managed very closely to maintain quality. So it is possible.

(Stephen Kidwell) #26

Any recommendation for an inexpensive hand tapper like yours?

(Richard Cournoyer) #27

These guys are great, and luckily for me, that are nearby.

  1. Hand Tapper, Mini (Goes on sale for: $49) <—LOVE this thing.

  2. Check out their Milling Vises too. (they start at $39)

(Fred Fowler) #28

Great Job Rich! I love to see you pushing the envelope and seeing what the machines can do. You are a master, and we can all learn so much from you. Thanks for sharing!


(Edward Ford) #29

That macbook background is pretty great too @RichCournoyer


(Richard Cournoyer) #30

Thanks, I just wish I had a pretty picture (without a background) of an S3 with the Black Aluminum base plate.