Tool and hold down bolt holder

(Gary) #1

Just a project I did recently to hold my bits & small parts. I made the holders on my Shapeoko XXL . And the label tags on my GlowForge. Made out of Poplar and Birch Ply for the tags.

(Gary) #2

Just did an upgrade to my CNC parts drawer 2’ x 4’ x 3.5". Got all the little parts their own bins.

(Luke) #3

So satisfying. My OCD loves this.

(Gary) #4

Hey Luke,

Been off my feet for the most the last 10 days. Messed up my back falling down some stairs at work. Hopefully back up and working soon.

Hope all is good across the pond.

(Luke) #5

Thats not good! Does that mean shop time or rest time?

(Gary) #6

Been off my feet. In too much pain to work in the shop.