Two new mantle pieces

(Stephen Gullage) #1

Still need to apply poly. I’m getting a lot of orders for these things, more than I can keep up with. Who knew they’d be so popular?!

The T was a bit of a challenge, first attempt with a straight leg T ended up being too top heavy to stay upright reliably. So I flared the base, then cut a pocket in the middle layer at the bottom, then another on the cross piece. Then I filled the bottom pocket with lead to move the center of gravity to the base. Cut the tabs and removed the scrap from the design.

(Pete) #2

These look awesome, if you dont mind me asking how much do you charge for these? Did you end up charging more for the T that required the modification and lead addition?

(Stephen Gullage) #3

I’ve been charging $25 for these. I’'ve been told I’m under charging, but really I just want enough to keep me in endmills and buy more wood for playing with. I got an order for 4 more of them today, so I’m definitely under charging lol

(Pete) #4

Ya I would say that is undercharging, but if you and the customer are happy thats all that matters!