Upgrade to grbl 1.1 question

(Fred Fowler) #1

Can I just flash grbl 1.1 to the Shapeoko controller, or are there some special steps involved. I’d like to use the new features like feed override and such.



(William Adams) #2

You have to use a compatible communication / control program since the protocol changed.

(Fred Fowler) #3

I’m using Chilipeppr/jpadie which seems pretty stable so far. I’ll give UGS a try athough the Windows OS has been a bit flaky as of late, dropping USB connections. I’ll try CM4 if those other options fail. Should I just use HexUploader (OSX)? Will CM4 fail if it is generic grbl 1.1 and not the Carbide 3D. I must say using a Mac has been so much more stable for keeping the USB connection to the controller. Windows machine drops conn every time the wind blows…


(William Adams) #4

HexUploader should work fine.

Not sure if anything special is compiled in to Grbl 1.1 by Carbide3D — if there is, it’d just be for use w/ CM4.

(Fred Fowler) #5

Thanks Will, I’ll give it a shot.