USB device no longer recognised

(Sarah Cotterill) #1

All works well, then for no apparent reason the machine stops. My computer says “USB devise Not recognised”.
I have tried using altenative USB ports, but the same thing, job runs fine and then, you guessed it “USB devise Not recognised”. Does anyone have any ideas?

(William Adams) #2

Which version of CM are you using? If not the latest, please update — the timeout was increased in a recent version.

There are a number of suggestions which the community has put together (please note some of these are contradictory — suggests a subset of them):

When trying them, limit yourself to ones which you reasonably believe will apply to your situation and which you feel comfortable doing, and understand the ramifications of — don’t buy dodgy stuff just to try (esp. no low-quality USB hubs).

Usually some combination of the inexpensive/free options works (best bet is the quality USB cable w/ ferrite beads) — if it doesn’t contact and we’ll investigate the two pricey options — newer revision board, or USB isolator. If you’re in a hurry w/ money to burn, the latter is probably the hot ticket.