V-Bit Contour Depth

(Jake Erdahl) #1

Having trouble generating the proper toolpath for a shallow depth of cut when using a V-bit to do a contour.

In Carbide Create V-bit depth, on a contour toolpath, uses the max cut diameter of the tool to generate the toolpath regardless of the max depth of cut I set (even though the cut diameter is now less). Is there a better way to set up V-bits for contours when not using the max cutting diameter?

60deg V-Bit Tool Library Settings:
Diameter: 0.5in
Flute Length: 0.88in
Angle (per side): 30deg
No. of Flutes: 2

(William Adams) #2

The max diameter should be a limit, not always used — you can see this by making a large square and then assigning a V carve path to it — the result is an X shape / four sided star.

The other control is how wide the geometry is — you can offset geometry and select it in addition to control where V carves will be made.

(Jake Erdahl) #3

So to accomplish this it sounds like i should use vcarve instead of contours and offset the geometry to the proper width? Ill give that a shot.