Vacuum Table Pump size for XXL

(Nathan Woodruff) #1

After a couple months of research, building, and testing a vacuum table (whose purpose is light production work of cutting MDF and Aluminum panels). I have ironed out most of the details and can produce work consistently. The pump being used is a two stage rotary vane pump. The build quality is poor, and yesterday it started leaking and pumping oil vapor into the air.

So I am looking for a replacement that can run continuously and pull at least 20Hg. What are people using on their tabletop CNC’s? Regenerative blowers? Rotary vane?


(mark robinson) #2

Worth rebuilding? may just be a couple seals/orings Seems kinda pricey to just trash it imo

(Nathan Woodruff) #3

If I’m not able to return/ have it replaced, I’ll have it rebuilt and used for something else. I’m looking for a more robust pump that can obtain greater maximum vacuum.

(Nathan Woodruff) #4

There seems to be a lack of options between basic HVAC pumps and the 10+ HP monsters used on the industrial sized machines.

(Craig) #5

Using a Gast 523 oil less rotary vane pump, rated for 4CFM rated at 26.5in, at 6800’ of elevation (20% derate) it pulls about 24in max.

(Nathan Woodruff) #6

Thank you! I did not see this line of pumps when I first looked at Gast.

(Tchad Rogers) #7

My understanding is that small amounts of oil mist from a rotary vane pump is normal. Isn’t that why oil mist filters are added?

I use a similar pump on my vacuum table, at least it looks nearly identical, although mine is single stage and even cheaper. I use it heavily, but I’ve never run it for more than about 8 hours at a time, so I can’t vouch for its continuous duty cycle claim.

Of course, if I could afford it, I’d rather have the Gast. I’ve just never had problems that forced me to investigate more reliable options than the cheap-o unit I have.

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