What's the biggest thing you've made - on your Shapeoko?

(Luke) #1

I was thinking, I want a bigger Shapeoko but at the same time I wanted to see what the biggest thing people have made on theirs.

Mines a bit of a cheat, but I made a 2m sign on my S3 :slight_smile:

Yes thats glitter, and yep it lights up using solar powered fairy lights.


(Tony) #2

More pictures here… Contemporary den table cut using a Shapeoko3 XXL

(Stacy Boncheff) #3

I built this on my Shapeoko XXL. Every part of it cut out on the CNC. It is 4 feet by 8 feet in total size.

(Jim Amos) #4

Stacy -

Did you create an “XXL sized” tool path , then manually index the work-piece on the machine? I’m on the hunt for technique, workflow, and software strategies for large scale part fabrication.

(Richard Cournoyer) #5

My Power Hack Saw.

28 inches long, weighs 68 pounds, and chooches everyday. 40% Aluminum, 60% Steel, and nearly every part was machined on my Shapeoko 3. (Edit: And it neatly hangs on the wall when it is not in use)

(F B) #6

Very nice. Also, extra points for correct use of AvE’s “chooch”.

(Stacy Boncheff) #7

Yes I used VCarve Pro and tiling to cut the top an sides. Simply set up a 2 foot by 2 foot model and aligned the 2 foot mark to the front of the spoilboard and cut the next two foot section. Rinse and repeat. No index pins, no anything except a measurement mark every two feet.

(Luke) #8

I love that table I’m looking to build a workbench myself but don’t have the space to accommodate that

(Dan Nelson) #9

That’s a really beautiful little machine Rich! I may have to take a closer look in a couple weeks when my new mini-lathe arrives, gonna need something like that to cut down stock so I can turn it. Between my SO3 and the lathe itself I should be able to make most everything except the motor. Hopefully whatever I come up with is half as nice as yours, nice work!


(Stacy Boncheff) #10

You can certainly make it smaller. I saw one online that was 2X6 feet.

(Richard Cournoyer) #11

Thank you for that very kind compliment. This Power Hack Saw is a LOT easier to make if you have a Lathe! Good luck, and keep me informed. PS I am STILL on the same Starrett Hack Saw blade (and I’ve cut a LOT of steel).

(Allyn Phillips) #12

The outline of Ohio is 27" by 24" made on a Shapeoko 3 XXL.

(barthelemy bach) #13

I made this little submarine for my son costume carnaval!

(Jim Amos) #14


Is this water worthy?
I’d want one too!

(Luke) #15

That is ridiculously cool!

(Dan Nelson) #16

Was that the costume? I mean did your son wear it and walk around? You son must be very strong?

Awesome project!


(barthelemy bach) #17

little wheels are inside the bronze tank!

(Luke) #18

I love this - by far one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while

(Travis Good) #19

No “Bronze Tank” but it is the biggest I’ve made with my XL.

(Jim Amos) #20

Sweet! I love it when folks make furniture.
An outstanding design and machine utilization.